Anima Music Home

A musical alchemy of sacred and healing sounds inspired by ancient wisdom and the awakened heart



Anima's luminous and profoundly healing music touches the heart and soothes the soul, embracing the listener in a translucent experience of the Sacred. With angelic vocals, sacred chants and ceremonial instruments infused within specially sculptured soundscapes and healing frequencies, Anima’s music is an offering of peace and tenderness to the Earth.

Covering a broad range of genres from Acoustic Electronica to New Age and Healing Music, their sound has been described as "Sublimely beautiful music of the highest quality" Anima invite you to journey into resonant sonic spaces in which deep healing, meditation and remembrance can occur.

Within these pages you can listen to their music, browse their gallery and read a variety of articles. You can also order CDs, download Mp3s, and keep up to date with Anima's new events.

  • Light-Of-Aluna
    Light of Auna
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    Sound Medicine
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    Temple of the Heart
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    Temple of the Stars
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    Crystaligned Dreams
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    Lemuria Emerging
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    Recent Anima Bundle
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    Complete Solfeggio Meditations
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    Anima Discography


Latest News

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